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Operating and Maintenance Instructions

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Hard spot inspection trolley • PLAMAT-M • 18201
Operating and Maintenance Instructions • V2.0
Software 3MA-X8 MMS

4.4 Tab: Inspection

The Inspection tab is the first panel shown per default after starting the MMS software and loading a module.

This view provides the inspection results.

4.4.1 Overview

The following two illustrations describe the elements of the Inspection tab, here without any measurement results

overview inspection tab 1
Figure 38: Overview of Inspection tab (1)

Table 10: Elements on the Inspection tab (1)
 1  Speed
 2  Calibration status
Calibration action
User and measuremente information
Create report
Measurement display
Frame size full/moving
Mapped sensor signals
Green = Ok
Orange = NOK
Red = error
Black = not tested
Measure distance
Single probe head signals

The user information, i.e. name of Inspector, is retrieved from the windows login information.

The specimen number can be inserted manually or via bar code reader.

Overview of inspection tab (2)
Figure 39: Overview of Inspection tab (2)

Table 11: Elements on the Inspection tab (2)
 1  Actual position
 2  Temperature
Plate end detection
New mapping trace
Add new mapping trace
Remove last mapping trace
Active mapping trace
Create report file

During a measurement, the Inspection tab shows a measurement carpet, where the view can be switched between static full size or moving size with the Frame button:

Frame button (dimension of measurement carpet)
Fraame button action
Figure 40: Influence of Frame button on measurement progress

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