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Operating and Maintenance Instructions

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Hard spot inspection trolley • PLAMAT-M • 18201
Operating and Maintenance Instructions • V2.0

1.3.3 Operating the inspection system

  ! Danger of injury through corners and edges!
Always wear protective clothes and helmet in the system area as prescribed by the owner. Wear also a protective helmet when setting up the system because axes may extend into the range of movement.

  • The inspection system must be operated only by at least 18 year old, appropriate and reliable personnel who has been trained and authorized in writing by the system owner orhis representative.
  • The system must be operated only by personnel who is able to do so under health aspects and who is not influenced by medicine which reduces reaction time or alcohol orother drugs.
  • The operating personnel is obliged to immediately notify the system owner or his representative of any changes of the system which could impair safety.
  • Any modification of the inspection system is prohibited.
  • If any malfunction occurs, the system has to be stopped and secured immediately. Malfunctions and damage (e.g. of electric cables) must immediately be eliminated. Afterrepair, the operational safety of the system has to be ensured by skilled personnel.

Exclamação  Danger caused by Electric Voltage!
Immediately switch off the system if a malfunction of the electric power supply occurs!

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