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Operating and Maintenance Instructions

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Hard spot inspection trolley • PLAMAT-M • 18201
Operating and Maintenance Instructions • V2.0


1.1 Intended use of this device

This manual describes the configuration, the functionality, the handling of the hard spot inspection trolley PLAMAT-M and its accompanying data gathering and evaluation software package 3MA-X8 MMS.

The purpose of this inspection trolley, its related software and additional accessory is to provide a proper and reliable method to non-destructively test steel plates for hard spots and to visualize and evaluate the inspection results.

This system has been developed and built according to the state-of-the-art technology and has carefully been tested for perfect functioning before its delivery. Nevertheless, hazards for the operator or third persons or impairment of the system or other material can occur if the system is not used according to its intended purpose. Operate the system only in perfect condition as well as according to its intended purpose, considering safety aspects and possible hazards and observing all the safety instructions given in this documentation.

Exclamação   Risk of injury or damage of the trolley!
Hardware and software must be operated in the plant by adequately instructed and qualified personnel only.

Usage according to its intended purpose also includes the observance of mounting, dismounting, commissioning, operating and maintenance conditions specified by ROSEN. In case of doubt please contact ROSEN.

1.2 Disclaimer of liability

ROSEN Germany GmbH expressly excludes any liability for damage arising from incorrect or negligent operation, service or maintenance or from use of the product in any way other than that specified in this documentation. In no case ROSEN is responsible for direct or indirect consequential damage or financial loss, resulting out of the use or handling of the inspection system. When uninstalling or transporting the inspection system by the customer, ensure that all its components are securely fastened. Transport damage are not covered by the warranty.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications to the product, technical data, installations or manuals without prior notice. Changes and amendments to the products are without engagement.

1.3 Safety instructions

1.3.1 General

This user manual is part of the product described herein and helps you to safely operate the product and to prevent injuries. Keep the manual handy so that the safety instructions are within easy reach at all times.

This chapter informs you about the possible hazards which may arise while operating and maintaining the inspection system and the possibilities you have to protect yourself against these hazards.

Carefully read this documentation before operating and maintaining this inspection system!

Failure to follow the safety precautions in this manual may result in damage of equipment and/or injury or loss of life!

These operating instructions contain important information on how you can operate the inspection system safely, properly and economically. Observing these instructions helps to avoid the risk of personal injury or material damage, repair costs and idle times and to increase the reliability and lifetime of the system.

Pay close attention to the various types of safety advices and notes used throughout this manual. They provide helpful information or alert you to the potential for hardware damage or personal injury. The following is an example of each type of advisory.

Always work prudently and be aware that danger is most often not "obvious".

Always observe the safety and danger labels fixed to the system.

Also follow the safety instructions of your plant operating rules.

Observe the accident prevention regulations of your professional association and of your country.

If you are in doubt, ask the safety officer responsible for your division.

Also observe the operating and maintenance instructions of the individual working materials.

The following Safety advices and symbols are used:

Exclamação  A Warning indicates the potential for death, severe injuries or property damage.

Exclamação  Signal for a possible hazard which could lead to minor or moderate injuries or material damage.

  !  Failure to observe the information provided by a NOTICE may impair the functionality of the system or software.

The above signals are used in combination with the following symbols in the documentation manuals:

Exclamação General hazard area
Symbol for an imminent hazard.
Danger Caused by Electric Voltage
Crushing hazard
Warning sign for risk of crushing, sprain and graze.

Other indications facilitate or improve the use of the product:

Indicates information that will help you make better use of the system or gives you background information.
Improves efficiency in handling the system or software but is not indispensable for trouble-free operation.

Perform the actions in the prescribed order.

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