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Operating and Maintenance Instructions

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Hard spot inspection trolley • PLAMAT-M • 18201
Operating and Maintenance Instructions • V2.0

1.3.2 Personnel’s responsibilities

The inspection system must be operated only by qualified, authorized and trained personnel.

Any person performing work on and with the system must have read and understood the corresponding parts of the operating instructions and especially the chapter on the safety instructions.

In addition, the personnel must be informed by the system owner of any possibly occurring hazards.

The system owner must verify that the operating instructions have been understood. This instructions must always be kept at the operational site of the inspection system at a designated location.

System owner:
A system owner is any natural or juristic person who uses the system himself or on whose behalf it is used. The system owner can authorize a representative who exercises his rights and obligations:
• safety regulations and regulations for the prevention of accidents
• plant operating rules
• environmental protection regulations
• general basic knowledge in operating and maintaining technical
• operating Windows applications
• good knowledge in eddy current inspection
• knowledge in the creation of test procedures

Personnel’s qualification:
In order to ensure a save and trouble-free operation of the ultrasonic testing system, the personnel is expected to have a sound knowledge.

  !  Incorrect inspection results due to unqualified personnel!
Only authorized personnel have access to parameter configuration since these options can essentially affect all inspection results. This might cause incorrect results, especially when operated by unqualified inspection personnel.

  !  Void of warranty due to the installation of unauthorized software!
When installing other programs (network interfaces), ensure that they are virusfree and the function of the inspection system is not affected.

  !  Data loss!
We recommend a data backup regularly on an external backup medium.

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